Thursday, January 25, 2007

i am not my hair

but my hair has become me!

i told myself that i won't ever dye my hair again. and this past year, i've noticed white hairs! first it was one, then another, then another....i probably have 5-10 white hairs now.

my mom says it's bad luck to pull them out, or it's good luck to keep them.

however, i was considering using henna in my hair.

my hair dying history is as follows:

5th grade: dipped my bangs in hydrogen peroxide
6th grade: borrowed "sun-in" from my friend
7th grade: dipped my TAIL in hydrogen peroxide
10th grade: deep burgandy (i dyed it late one night at a dude's house with my cousin)
11th grade: deep red streaks
12th grade: alternate between deep burgandy, black, and red streaks
fresh(wo)man: pregnant and dye free!
sophomore: black, then pink/red streaks, then black, then blondish streaks

junior: red streaks, then black
senior: my hair was so messed up by this point, i dyed it back to black once and for all. but of course, because of all the processing, my hair has faded in the sun, to a more dark brown with golden and brittle tips. i'm tired of it and itching for change!

my more frequent dying eras were mainly because my friend was in cosmetology school and i served as a rather willing guinea pig. and i enjoyed the constant change. but now, i must have put at least 20 pounds of chemicals on my scalp. damn.

my mom has been a compulsive hair dyer my whole life and beyond. she sticks out when she goes back home to the philippines. i tell her to just dye her hair back to natural color, but it's starting to look like plenty of it is now white.

i'm catching up.



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