Monday, February 26, 2007


the tool. then we all know, what is a tool is also a weapon.
damn dicotomies. always prevalent.
nonetheless, language is always up for contemplation.

the other day, he changed his town talk and told me his theory of groove, "I'm tired of listening to men in music...I wanna hear some ladies."
i said a "AMEN"....
then caught myself.... "I mean, AWOMEN."
it's enough that the one is usually personified into a man or that popular religion (at least where i'm from) worships a man.

then, at those times when things in the uni.verse just click and conspire to harmonize and sing one song (uni.verse)....i think to myself, "it's an omen." like when the beauty of the tree and the positive defacing of the property aligned.

but i'd like to add a silent "w" to that word, to the vernacular, call up webster and merriam myself and tell them that we might all be missing that word in our life because that word is missing a silent letter, missing its meaning.

think about it. women are the future. we are the past. to change that very word would change subconscious.

then i think about all the tits and ass i just heard about on the radio and remember that some people aren't ready for that.

i won't start on the male-centric/women-deficient language system we use, but believe, the list will be here soon. i'm not in that type of mood. and i'll bet one list is already published.

till then, i'm just trying to get that language to be uni.versal. and something's telling me that words have nothing to do with it.

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