Sunday, March 11, 2007

$35 worth of memories

i spent some good sun at the flea market today, just like last sunday. only this time there were no churros. so it barely even counts, because the churros are my main motivation. i had a pina tamale con queso and that filled me up just fine. and it was hella hot. and the time changed. (which is really early this year, but i won't go into that right now.)

i was playing around and said to norm, "what if i just asked the churro lady to buy the whole spiral of churro?" i wonder how many churros she makes off of one spiral. i used to stand and wait by the 'lil cart because if you don't wait, you'll get the sucker end of the churro, and those things go quick! (i like the curly pieces.) i watched the whole process of making the churro and it's quite entertaining.

big tub of warm dough. stuff large extractor with warm dough. squeeze out a spiral shape into hot oil. turn over with long stick. cut into pieces. fry until golden. drip dry. lightly dip in cinnamon sugar. wrap in napkin. yum.

i didn't count how many cuts they made on the spiral, but i'm guessing 7. If that's so...$7...i might ask this lady next week! i just have to brush up on mi espanol.

all them cookie cutter churros out there got nuthin' on those folks.

basura por vida.


wasn't looking for anything in particular except for blank (second quality) tees. then i remembered we should get paint. i don't wanna just go out and buy paint. i want to choose from the colors that come out at me. and today, i wasn't feelin the colors: almond and grey. norm found hot pink. i wanted oranges and greens.

in the beginning, norm found this huge woven banig for $5. told the guy we'll come back for it after we get money. came back after our round and he already sold it. he told me i shoulda left a deposit, and i was just hoping the good old word would work out. i guess i don't need it, but i know i woulda used it! i still want one too.

makes me think of other "$5 things i didn't get but wish i did," like those vintage roller skates! (that was like 2 years ago!)

but i did end up getting:
- a vintage levi's sweatshirt- $1
- pinstripe skirt set $5 (rip off!)
- baroque-ish curtains and pillowcase set- $8
- plaid dress $1
- pink blouse $1

i'm hoping to make money off of some of those too.

the lady that i bought the curtains and skirt from also sold XXX movies and random things like anal beads and whips, next to vintage books and disney movies. i was just looking all around and i wanted to see what was underneath something so i picked the something up to look underneath...then ew!! i just picked up some sweaty sweatshorts! sitting right on top of the table by some anal beads, and i didn't even care what was underneath it anymore. i looked around more and the lady came and threw the shorts off of the table.

hella dogs were there today too. some for sale. i brought sydney there one weekend, and she ended up sweeping the whole place up! she looked so dirty! her pretty white fur was all grey!

i'll get into the whole daylight savings tomorrow. i need to save some time now.

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