Wednesday, March 28, 2007

friendly encounter

i had a new friend who was really nice and kept in touch with me by phone and text. i went to the grocery store and he would text me or call me. i went to look at some condos on 167th, and they were really ghetto. i went downstairs to see the unit and it looked like a dungeon. the bbq area was dark and gloomy. the other people looking at the condo were disgusted too. i met up with my girls and i took a pinch of trees from one of them. i went back to my auntie jean's house and saw jada's dad there, djing. he was asking me about killa stormz, i told him it's none of his business. i ended up under a freeway overpass, and i walked out and saw a glipse of my new friend. he had long bushy hair that he wore down, and a 40s suit. i followed him to a black eyed peas show, where there was hella people everywhere. i kept following him, and i ran into dejah and supa, who i greeted with friendly hugs.

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