Wednesday, March 14, 2007

happy pi day!


pi is my favorite number for the following reasons:

- my name means 3 (and gift of god)
- it's random, just like the sequence of digits following the decimal
- circles are an amazing shape
- it doesn't discriminate, because it has all digits
- it's a symbol, like the artist formally known as prince
- i also consider myself tracendental and irrational
- it almost looks like alibata
- it's constant and can always be proved

i wish i was the genius that chose to hit up pi.

the movie is also hella cool. i remember watching it late one night for the first time and my brain was going crazy! i really understood it, and to prove it unknowingly, i took a pic of the screen and it just so happened to be 3:14 am. i didn't realize that until i developed my pics. that synchronized instant alone could probably be measured in a mathematical equation.

i love it when that happens. i need to find that pic and scan it.

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