Monday, March 12, 2007

in a parallel universe...

i live in a house with an empty room. it's my favorite room.

horoscope for today, from
It is a fateful day and something may happen that appears to be out of the blue, yet there is also an odd sense of familiarity about it all. This can test your understanding of life, for it seems like what's unfolding now has actually been planned out in some other space-time continuum. Regardless of whether you believe in parallel universes, this one is sure to have some surprises for you.

Too much analysis can crush creativity. Don't second-guess yourself today.

You're ready to draw up a brand-new map of your future. In fact, a certain rough-looking situation will start to take shape as soon as you figure out a game plan. It's time to let bygones be bygones.

words of the day:
trepidation: a state of dread or alarm; apprehension.
nonplus: to confound; to perplex; to bewilder.
effete: infertile; also, worn out; also, decadent, effeminate.


i like to read my horoscope, even if it's not always true, at least it's motivating and gives me something to ponder. like today, i did experience a feeling of trepidation after reading my horoscope, since this day is a "fateful day" (in existentialism, everyday can be fateful, but then i wouldn't be reading my horoscope). the most out-of-the blue happening was cleaning the garage....spring cleaning. definitely something necessary especially since i'm starting a balikbayan box for the fam. but after reading my horoscope and analyzing my day, i have been through this cleaning phase before, and last time i thought to myself:

it's crazy how people spend time hoarding things, only later to spend more time to sort and organize them. in an effort to save something, time is wasted.

oh, what a paradox.
yes, i was speaking about myself, about my family, about you, about whoever. and damn, its's so true. i could have been sewing instead of looking through boxes of effate shoes and sneezing. but it was killing me not to do it. then i realize it's just one of those cycles i'm stuck in again, and maybe this will really be the last time i have to clean the garage like that again.

i'm quite nonplus about the whole horoscope, even considering that i am (over)analyzing it, the exact thing it said not to do. but maybe this is my creative outlet for today?

as for my new future, i'll start to map it out with this plan:
- turn my junk into cash by earning $500 in ebay, garage sales, etc. by june (before i went to the PI i hustled hard on ebay and made $500 in one month)
- i will save only the funky fresh fashions in an organized fashion (I wish my mom saved more of her things from her diva days, besides the crochet bathing suits that i can't wear)

and that's it for now.

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