Saturday, March 10, 2007


i ended up at this chic's house, with people i never met before, but have seen. i was supposed to go to yoga with them, and that day there was a photoshoot there, well, kinda more like school pictures, but with yoga. i went and got my pictures taken, then decided i didn't want to get into yoga that day, so i went back to their house. guiltily, i used her computer, and jada played around on their beds. the chic's came home with their picture packages, and i was upset that i didn't stay to get mine. i put jada to bed.

then my family came and i saw them taking a group photo. my mom was taking close-ups of my aunt, even though the whole group was there.

i ended up at work, or in some classroom with photos of naked women and books about karma sutra (definitely not a classroom for work!), and i was speaking to a co-worker. she was telling me a story about a third grade girl named tamia who caused a scene. she was exited from the program and wrote a school newsletter about it, telling her side of the story. i thought that was the true definition of the organization's mission statement.

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