Friday, March 9, 2007

tooth fairy

this mysterious fairy will be paying another visit tonight. she's more impressed by the trinket box than the tiny tooth inside. not that the tooth isn't cool...because it IS, it's just if you care about the after life of your tooth enough to put it in that box, then the tooth must be special.

it's just those adult teeth that are frightening. i think of bad genes, laughing gas, and that nasty gum-flavoured (yea right!) teeth molding gak from my own pre-pubecent years. i know she's my carbon copy, and it's that part of the copy i wish didn't go through.

but you can already tell.

a tooth fairy messed with my bro before. a cruel joke. during a high fever convulsion, she told him he lost his teeth in the back of his mouth. he cried for his teeth, and i expected to see blood and gap, but all i saw was a traffic jam.

"what are you talking about? your teeth are there!"

"my teeth....they fell out!"

now that i see him, he coulda used that extra space.

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