Thursday, March 8, 2007

we are the ones that we've been waiting for

so it's international women's day, and what a better way to celebrate than with PMS and/or mysterious head and body aches? even my blog is sarcastic.

i just don't really feel all that joyous right now, but i'm still with the female spirit. i will have to procrastinate my contributions to the universe until my head releases all of this pressure, or else i'll end up exploding like the big bang theory. i would write my WOmanifesto right now, but it might come out bitter. it'll have to be saved so i can carefully articulate.

i barely feel like talking or thinking, and even the lesson plan that i did today wasn't as WOWtastic as i hoped it to be. i know it's my energy level that's contagious, but when you feel like blah, you get what you give.

mind over matter.

it's also the official end of the mercury retrograde, thanks be to the heavens. unfortunately, it's just a few more days of influence. in this time, i managed to:

-put a deposit down for a new place but then realize i was going into a new situation during the retrograde, so i back out and take my check back
-lose my cell phone, which i barely even use, but still managed to lose (and believe, it's been acting all zany lately)

matter over mind.

i've also had crazy dreams that i wish i could remember more. last night i was on some waterslides playing a portable game system (not sure if it was gameboy or nintendo ds, like i know what that is). the slides dumped into a big body of water. what else happened? damn, i forgot!

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