Monday, April 2, 2007

back to class

i was going back to school in some forest in the hills. i was late to my first class, which was a lot like an ating tao reunion mixed with filipin@ literature... many of the alumni were in there, and the teacher was a passionate woman. i didn't get a syllabus, but i did want to pick the "4 presentation" (labeled as "O" then "OA") homework instead of the written 25 mini-essays about our reading. chris paik chose the presentation with me. we watched a video also.

i ended up at corali's house and outside her neighbors removed her deck and added a little room. i needed to get a ride from her to school.

at my school, my mom went to the bookstore and bought cheap stuff on clearance to send to the philippines.

i was at a beach and norm was carrying me, he took me to the tide and then we fell in with all of our clothes on, holding each other . my turquoise tube sock fell in the water. i had so much fun.

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