Monday, October 22, 2007

flea market finds

it's that season again for warm fuzzy blankets, so we hit the san jose flea market to see what we could find.

my current blanket came from the garment district of downtown LA, some tiny shop with blankets piled to the top. $17 and i'm still cozy.

i love my peacock blanket.

i don't feel right if my bed's made all wrong with the peacock facing sideways or whatnot.

i haven't been to the san jose flea market since those vato loco homies shirts started having knockoff versions. it feels the same, except the churros are $2 and crappy.

we picked up a king size cannibus blanket that's too corny for bosses to see, but as long as it's not mine, i'm fine to just lay in it every once in awhile.

i dove into some ukay-ukay type stalls with the one dolla holla tables. it's so satisfying to pick a treasure from the piles.

so what'd i dig up?

3 neon yellow t-shirts
a purple nike 80s windbreaker
a mens collared shirt (i'm so into those now)
a chicago bulls windbreaker
a houndstooth kids blazer

i always gotta remind myself that the more i dig, the more i'll find.
or if you look for nothing, you'll find something.

i'm always so optimistic.

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