Wednesday, January 16, 2008

two-thousand and.....

two-thousand and h8.

ugh, this year is definitely a test.

ended off 2007 with a broken window and a crashed laptop.

started 2008 off in vegas like..."this is it?!?!"

came home to a storm.

half of my lemon tree fell down.

mortgage has finally become too much to handle.
we gotta leave this place.

cancer claimed a young heart. rest in peace nicky.

stroke x2 for other family.

my body's calling for detox.


in the midst of it all...i'm an optimist.

hypnosis and indulgence lightened things up a bit. more on that later.

i looked in his eyes for one of his last seconds.

i hugged all kinds of fam, some who i haven't seen since i was as tall as jada.

i get to start a new chapter.


i get to make lemonade.

my mantra is "motiv8 in 2008..."

i won't let this get me down!

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