Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Muscle Memory

This time I really did it, paddled in a canoe. With 5 others. Novice, yes, but not clueless like me.

Last time I tried to paddle, it didn't really count. We just cruised around, admiring the scenery, trying to keep the rhythm.

This time was different. I was in a racing canoe. Others had experience. I didn't know how to paddle, to use the correct muscle groups, to push the water in the most effective way, to shift my weight to my advantage. I knew there was more to just putting the paddle in the water, that it's not just instinct, it's sport. Thankfully kind people coached me in the middle of the water, truly thankfully. That kind of training doesn't work on land....but I don't do well with my body, demonstrations don't work...I have to see and do, do and see, show and tell, try again and again. I still held the blade too sloppy, arms too stiff or not stiff enough. With every "hut!" I couldn't help but thinking that my paddle might slip into the murky waters. Then what?

As we approached the dock, my muscles were thanking me for a great work-out. I really felt like I learned something. I still feel like spaghetti even 2 days afterwards. But honestly, this might not be something cut out for me right now. After months of neglect, my body and mind are not ready to jump into the canoe and paddle to the finish line....I'm on cruise control.

I admire Jada for being able to do this, no fear, confidence and fun expectations. She can teach me like how she always does.

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