Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today's my day...719...7/19...

Back in the day, I used to punch in those digits after I paged someone...had to let them know it was TIPP!

Instead of texting, my generation used numbers to convey messages. was a whole new language!

For wish someone good morning:


or to let them know I'm thinking about them


It was all so simple, yet complex...I miss those days.


Simplest things:

"Listening is almost like a "magic pill" that is virtually guaranteed to produce good results in relationships."

Do you hear me? Do you feel me?

"Our response to a ringing phone is one of the few things in life over which we have absolute control and decision-making authority."

No telemarketers please! And I won't pick up if I'm driving. I'm in control.


Horoscope for today:

from Yahoo:
Be mindful that once you make a deeper connection with someone, you can't go back.

You need to relax and let yourself really ponder the big ideas that are coming your way today. It may be that you've got more than you can handle, but an open mind is still your best bet for now.

and from Feee Will Astrology:
It's like you've stumbled upon the Cosmic Lost and Found Office, Sagittarius. Whether or not it happened "by mistake" is irrelevant: It's an opportunity to recover good stuff that prematurely disappeared from your life. But keep in mind that your valuables may be mixed in with abandoned and forgotten junk, both yours and other people's. You might initially feel discouraged at the prospect of having to wade through all that meaningless dross in order to locate your treasures. Don't give up. Your diligence will ultimately be rewarded.

looks like I have a lot of diggin' to do. I'm used to it.

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