Monday, July 7, 2008

Smiling on a Sunday Morning

I dreamed an adventure last night. Of course, I can't remember it all, but thankfully, I remember the important part.

My homey Juan had this portable keyboard and then started playing and singing this awesome song that I've never heard of. It was called "Smiling on a Sunday Morning" and it had the same vibe as "Crystal Blue Persuasion", but only better, because I helped make the song. I pulled out this crazy string instrument which was a cross between a lapharp and a hammock and I just jammed with him. During the chorus, I had my shine time.

After the song, we tiffed about who really made the song what it was. I knew it was my instrument that made it truly special.


That song sounds like it would be something that I'd listen to in reality. But how can I find and play an instrument like that?

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