Saturday, September 20, 2008

How ironic, arrows hit me, you know I'm a Sag!

Last Tuesday, I bought my first CD in a long time from an actual record shop, on an actual release date! It was well worth giving into consumerism and marketing schemes because I got me some feel good music! Plus, I gotta support this man...

Raphael Saadiq!

I've been listening to Saadiq's new album, The Way I See It, nonstop, in my car on the way to work, at work, when I cook, when I clean, or just wheneva! He totally took the Motown sound and made it 2008... but no doubt it makes me feel like it's 1968 (like I know how that feels?!?!?).

For a long time now, I've felt that there are not too many real entertainers out there. Sure, some singers might be talented, but can they put on a show? I wish I was around for the days of motown, when harmonizing didn't only consist of the voice, but the choreography and the fashion as well.

When I saw Saadiq in concert at Bimbo's in SF, it was one of the best shows eva. Having a show like this at Bimbo's is perfect because of the old jazz house type of feel: red velvet curtains, uniformed bartenders, cocktail tables, etc. First off, to have someone like Janella Monae opening up really sets the energy up for the night. This girl can SING, dance, crowd surf, she's beautiful, and her band is supa fly (especially her guitarist!). She's crazy too: she threw out a water bottle and I got pretty wet from it!

When Saadiq came out, he looked so fly in his tailored suit and glasses....and he had backup singers!! The soulful vibe was definitely there. They did the whole microphone choreography too! He played a good mix of his older jams to get the audience all nostalgic, and for "Just Me and You", he called up an audience member (who wasn't from the Bay..but oh, well) up on stage and put her on the spot to figure out the lyrics. Turns out he used the names from New Edition members ("Don't worry bout Bobby, Don't worry bout Mike...etc.)!

One thing that was missing from the show was the dancing from the audience. You know if we were back in the 60s, I'd have on my prettiest dress to dance to his songs.

(BTW, the title isn't Saadiq's lyrics, but from Jay-Z's verse on the "Oh Girl" remix. Gotta represent for the SAG!

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