Thursday, September 11, 2008

On a Sunday Afternoon

Gotta love hand-me-downs! My bro passed his Redline bike over to me, and I'm feelin it! He's had this bike since he was in elementary school, and it's still in great condition. I took it out for a roll last Sunday to bart to the O.A.K. to help out with some very sexy things. Definitely a good day.

From my house to bart, it's a good 2 miles each way. I usually don't ride much, especially on a seat like this:

OUCH! Halfway down the ave. I started to doubt myself again, like I did when I went rollerskating in Golden Gate Park. Good thing I'm a savage. Hahah.

So the train was scheduled for arrival at 1:03PM and I got there just in the nick of time, but of course, being on a bike means having to take an elevator (if you want to follow the rules), and that ride made me miss the train! Just my luck. But that means that I had time to take photos!

Check out the OG treads. So fly!

So I helped out on a photoshoot designing the set, coming up with creative shots, and directing continuity.

The set. The theme was "Strip Poker"...The models brought all of the card-themed props, but I brought the lucky bamboo plant in my backpack all the way there!

One of the best parts of the day was "makin' it rain!" We had to figure out the best way to make it look like money was fallin' from the sky. I tried various methods, from slidin' billz off the stack in my hand, to throwin' down a fat clump, to the one that worked: rubbing dollars between my hands. Sprinkle me baby! I'm an expert now at makin' it rain! Now I just gotta get the dolla dolla bill ya'll.

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