Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fitted: This Fit is Bananas

What I wore to work today. This outfit is bananas! #ootd #nowwearing #fitted (Taken with instagram)

This is what I wore to work today. It wasn't just any day, it was a Saturday in the garden. I wanted to protect my eyes from the sun and also promote being healthy. Thank goodness I have a banana fitted hat!

Wore these Irregular Choice banana earrings that I found in Londontown.  (Taken with instagram)

I collect bananas so every time I find something, I have to snatch it. Like when someone on Poshmark posted a picture of something else while wearing this banana tee, I had to ask her about the shirt ASAP. And when I walked into the Irregular Choice store in Boxpark in London, I found these banana bunch earrings. Shoot, even my socks today even have a banana on them. Yea....kinda bananas.

Hat: New Era
Earrings: Irregular Choice, London
Shirt: bought off of Poshmark

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