Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fitted: The Beauty Expo

An event dubbed "The Beauty Expo" deserves a little extra time getting ready for it, which resulted in this look of the night.  I finally had a chance to wear my Zara asymmetrical pleated chiffon skirt that I compulsively purchased minutes before a flight back from London.  The Heathrow Airport is a shopper's dream and nightmare all in one. 

Along with the skirt, I had a black H&M blazer, and one of my favorite tops ever....a vintage polka dot ruffled cropped top I copped at a swap! The oversized lace gem ring and giant faux pearl studs modernized my otherwise classic hair and make-up.  Yup, I pulled out the hot rollers for this one and kept one pincurl for good luck.

And for my feet?  I took some Louboutin mary jane wedges out for a spin....a 3 hour on-your-feet, all-up-in-the-action-taking-photos-of-everything joy ride.  Yes, I was joyed to have such gorgeous sexy shoes on my feet, but I was overjoyed to slip out of them the minute I stepped in the car. 

Don't get me wrong, I managed 3 hours in these babies, with a cup of merlot wearing a white skirt and taking photos and videos of a beauty competition.  I just reached the 3 hour limit, and I worked every single minute of it.  

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