Friday, June 22, 2012

Project Run: Fundraising for Project Open Hand

So you've made it this it's time to make a donation.
(to all my Oakland fans....don't worry, this is all for a good cause!)
Every $2 gets a meal for one person. 
My goal is to feed 250 people, and I need your help!

Click the Giant Race/Project Open Hand button on the right to be directed to my fundraising page. 

If you know me well (or just look at my social media sites), then you may know a few things about me:
  1. I run half marathons.
  2. I work in nutrition education.
  3. I like food. 
This is why I'm delighted to choose The Giant Race benefiting Project Open Hand as my first fundraiser run!

I've completed 5 half marathons already, and now it's time to start fully dedicating my miles to organizations I care about. 

My day-to-day life consists of work with Project EAT in Alameda County as a Nutrition Education Specialist, providing classes, campaigns, and workshops to students, teachers, parents, and community organizations.  Our goal is to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables and maintain a physically active lifestyle.  

Running in the Giant Race and fundraising for Project Open Hand meshes together the mission I have in the work I do with my own physical, mental, and emotional challenges of running 13.1 miles.  

I like food, if you can tell from my Instagram, but with every photo I post, there is someone else out there who hasn't had a warm meal, someone who is too sick to go to the store, or someone who does not have access to healthy food.  I cannot physically go out and deliver the proper meals to these people, or educate them personally on their nutritional needs, but I can run in their honor and spread the message by asking for your help and support towards Project Open Hand.

Your donation will provide a "meal with love" to someone in need, and it's up to you how much you can share:
  • Meals for 5 people in need ($10)
  • Meals for a critically ill person for 2 weeks ($25.00)
  •  7 weeks of groceries for someone with HIV/AIDS ($50.00)
  •  50 meals for someone who is homebound ($100.00)
  •  Provide lunch for 125 seniors ($250.00)
  •  Provide a meal for 250 of our neighbors in need ($500.00)
just remember, $2 provides one meal!

How many meals can you provide?

Thank you for getting this far, and please check back for updates on both the training and fundraising journeys, and all the adventures in between.


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