Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kickin' it at Shopkick!

It must have been the extreme Shopkicking during the holiday season that earned me an invite to the Shopkick HQ to check out some new features.  Well, that and the fact that I've got my eye on a prize and I'm determined to Shopkick my way to get it. 

If you're unfamiliar with my usage of this new verb, let me give you my own definition:

Shopkick- verb
to earn points, or "kicks," that can be redeemed for cool items just by walking into stores and/or scanning products using the Shopkick app. 
"Let's go to Target so I can Shopkick!"
And that's exactly what you'll hear me say.  Sure there's always something a lady needs at Target, from toilet paper to cocktail dresses, but now with Shopkick on my phone, this gives me another reason to hit the store....and the surrounding stores as well!  Mama's trying to save up for a Tiffany & Co. gift card.  I'm only 60,000 kicks I'll definitely be hitting up more shops so I can get that blue box! 

For the Shopkick newbies out there, here's how it works:

1) Sign up your number to get the app on your phone and sign up for an account.  FYI, the app will need access to your microphone, not because the company wants to listen in on your latest gossip, but because the transmitters in the stores send out a sound that the microphone picks up to award you kicks at the store entrance. 

2) Check out the stores that participate in awarding Shopkicks.  Some of my frequently visited stores include Macy's, Old Navy, Sports Authority, and Target, of course.  If you go to a mall, for instance, check your Shopkick to see what surrounding shops offer kicks for walking in. 
3) When you go to the store, open the app and walk right in.  A magical sound and bubble full of Shopkicks will appear on your phone!  The amounts of walk-in kicks vary from time to time, ranging from 35 kicks to 200.  Try to plan your shopping trips so that you can hit the store on a heavy kick day!

4) Hungry for more Shopkicks?  Check out what's offered in the store section of the app after you collect your walk-ins because there might be some scans available.  This feels like a fun scavenger hunt game because you search for the different products and scan the barcodes for kicks. 

5)  Do this over and over again until you collect enough Shopkicks to redeem a prize.  Prizes range from $5 Target gift cards for 1250 kicks to a cruise around the world for over 6 million kicks!  I'll settle for my Tiffany & Co. gift card.

So really, all you need to do is walk in to get some kicks, but some extra perks of the app include discount deals and more kicks for using a linked credit card for purchases.  I love making a shopping trip to Target and finding an extra $5 coupon for my purchase in the Shopkick app.  My theory is if you're going to shop there anyways...why not Shopkick while you're at it?

 So as you can see, this app will get me to walk through the doors of many stores, which eventually led me right to the doors of the headquarters.  I'm not going to lie, I opened up my Shopkick app when I got in the elevator hoping to get some secret Shopkick bubble or something, but instead I ended up in a bubble of the Shopkick worklife!  The office culture of the place is quite envious, with some hard working employees kickin' it on the couch and casually conversing about codes (or some other tech stuff I can't understand).  Makes me hate my cubicle life!

You can tell a lot about a company by visiting their bathroom.  As soon as I walked in through the bathroom door, someone danced her way out of the stall and put on a show in front of the sink.  She's obviously having fun at work.  Then the thoughtful products by the sink really showed that the ladies in the building are taken care of.  Listerine, face wipes, and even Deborah Lippmann nail polish were all available for those who needed it.  I wonder what the men's room is like....actually, no I don't.

The usability session started off with a short interview...and it was all about shopping!  Of course I'm the person you want to talk to about that.  Then the Shopkick crew, Kana and Jamie, showed me a few screen captures of some new features.  I can't share what those are, but I can say that as great as Shopkick already is, it is getting even better!

Checking out the Shopkick HQ and helping out on some behind-the-scenes action was a cool experience, but this girl won't do all of that for free.  Since my mind is Tiffany-twisted, I will work for kicks!  I left the session with a nice little deposit into my Shopkick account.  Anything to get my closer to some Tiffany earrings. 

So what are you waiting for?  Get the app and get to kickin'!

***This just in** They're doing a walk-in contest this weekend and giving away 25,000 kicks to 2 lucky winners.  Good thing I need to go to Target anyways. 

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