Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Posh Life: Let's Get "Purse-onal"

I love bag dumps. My lastest Marc by Marc Jacobs bag has been my go-to bag for a minute now.
It carries so much, including:

-multi-colored pen set in slide case that cost a penny! 
-paperback Moleskine notebook
-hand lotion and sanitizer
-compact mirror with Post-it Notes! 
-Revlon by Marchesa manicure set (used a coupon)
-iPole mini
-dark chocolate!
-strawberry reusable bag (I have a banana too)
-Listerine strips, free with coupon lol
-Local Hawaiian make up bag from the swap meet
-Sugar lip balm (free Sephora birthday gift) 
-Urban Decay lip liner
-Chanel lipstick
-Bare Minerals compact
-and a vintage Gucci wallet from Poshmark!

Sometimes I have other random I might do this again! 

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