Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dug Up: Vintage Strawberry Bowls

After my pedicure, I walked back to my car and stepped into this small thrift shop.  They happened to be having a sale too for 50% off!  I looked around a bit and saw this adorable set of strawberry bowls.  I love fruit related stuff; especially bananas!  This set would be perfect to match my little cream pitcher....and it was such a good deal!

I made a quick stop at the local farmer's market and picked up a plant and 3 baskets of organic strawberries.  Yes, there were more expensive than the conventional, but I'll spend more for that, especially considering I just got the strawberry set for so cheap.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Back in the Day: Air Max 95's in '98

Back in the day, I loved Air Max 95's....and I still do.  When I got my first paycheck from my first job working at KFC (gross), I bough myself a pair.  I had a cool collection.  So when me and the ladies wanted to go take pictures at Excel Studio, which we did like every weekend, I made sure to bring my whole set so that the girls would be properly dipped.  Some of them had their own pair or two, but we never had the same color as each other!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Simple Sample

Target was giving away free samples of Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer, so I signed up it.  It arrived in a simple Target box.  It's the perfect size for travel.  I sometimes find it hard to bring moisturizers because my usual products don't come in travel size.  

I tried some on after a shower.  The formula is thick but smoothes over nicely on your face and neck.  It left my face feeling cool after application.  I think my face has been used to the moisutuizer that I've been using lately, so this was a nice break.  I applied my Bare Minerals foundation over and it worked just fine.  

I've always wanted to try this line of skin care because it has no dyes, no artificial perfumes, and no harsh irritants.  Thanks Target for letting me give this a try!

My First PINCHme Box(es)

In one day I received a bunch of samples.  Some of which I had to pay for, and another two boxes that were totally free.  I love free.  

I signed up for PINCHme via FreeStuffFinder, and thought how it was cool that you can choose what samples you want, and get them shipped to you for free.  When they release new samples, you better be ready to hop on it before they're sold out.  They're relseasing some tomorrow and I've got my alarm ready!

In one day, I ordered 4 items.  They arrived at my doorstep 3 weeks later in two separate boxes.  I was happy and surprised to see these boxes and have my first PINCHme experience.  

I received the following products:

- Suave Skin Solutions Body Lotion: I could always use a good lotion on the go.  My hands have been quite dry lately, so I applied some to give it a test.  The lotion is not too thick, it actually has more of a light consistency.  It also has a fragrance that smells clean and not girly.  It does leave a clammy-like feel on my hands for the first few minutes.  I don't really like that feeling.  This is supposed to provide 24 hour moisturization.  After a day of work at the office, after washing my hands, etc., my hands look and feel pretty moisturized.  Although it does provide good moisturization, I don't really like the feeling after application, so I don't think I'll be purchasing the full size of this.  

- method Laundry Detergent:  This sample size is so cute.  I appreciate how this is a plant based formula.  I also appreciate how it came with a $1 off coupon.  Excited to try out a new detergent.  I started by washing some of the rags.  I liked the pump squirt method of the bottle, and it said only two squirts should be good for a small load.  It has a nice light fragrance and it did start some bubbles in the wash.  

- Clear Damage & Color Repair Shampoo:  I have damaged and colored hair that is in need of repair.  I put a few generous drops into my palm.  I liked the fragrance and the shimmer of the shampoo.  That was plenty of shampoo because it worked up a good lather. I probably could have gone with one big drop.  I didn't use any conditioner because it is a conditioning shampoo, but I really should have.  It says that hair will be "stronger, more beauiful in 7 days " (less brakage when combing vs. non-conditioning shampoo).  

- Gevalia Mocha Latte:  I was hoping I would have a Keurig by this time, but I don't, and I don't even drink coffee.  Too bad I can't give this a try.  It looks good!

So the deal is that you have to review these items after you get them.  The surveys are on the site and will give you points after completion.  The points you collect can get you to different levels with different access.  Currently, I am at Level 1, which means I can claim and try samples.  That's a good level to be at!  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Benny Gold x Publish Release

After taking a peek at the upcoming Publish collection at Agenda, I was excited to head on out to San Francisco to the Benny Gold shop to check out the latest Benny Gold x Publish collab.

I didn't plan on matching the welcome mat with my Gyakusou Lunarglides.

I love camo print anything so this collab had me wishing I could take home a pair of pants.  This fog camo is the one too!  I know they probably could fit me, but the only men's pants I've ever worn are sweat pants and I wasn't in the mood to try on some trousers while there's party in the shop. 

They jackets were just as sick.  It's hard to choose a color, but knowing me, I probably would have gone with black. The bucket hats bring it back for me, but I don't think I would rock it.  I have a big head. 

What was even more exciting was running into my cousin and her boyfriend, and then learning that he's starting to intern with Publish!  Great news for the fam so off to LA they go. And if he happens to get an extra pair of joggers....

It felt good to be in the Bay and see that we're home to a street wear landmark like Benny Gold, who is a truly golden guy with a cute ass dog.  I threw together a little Insta-video for Eat While You Sleep and made sure to get a shot of little Levi Gold.  Check it out here

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wake Up and Smell the Roses

When I saw these pillow cases in the clearance bin at Urban Outfitters, I knew they'd fit right in with my polka dot duvet.  It's a cool reminder to see every morning.  Wake up!  Literally.  Smell those roses.  Figuratively.  Or literally if you have roses. 

I'd like to thank the last Swap! Not Shop! and my girl Carly for the cool vintage tray piece and the Treasure Island Flea Market for the wooden warrior head....and yes, that is velvet. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I Run This: For Shopkicks!

Vintage Nike fanny pack, kids Nike leggings, and kids Nike Lunarglides. 
It's tough when you live down the street from the Nike Clearance Store! 

Although I love running, sometimes it's hard to simply find the time to get out there and just do it. Between work, taking care of a tween and a pug, and trying to collect Shopkicks, how can I squeeze in 30 minutes to get in my prescribed 3 miles?  Why not run to get walk-ins from Shopkick?

I've committed to a few different challenges to kick my own butt into gear, so I'm glad that running helps kill 5 birds with one stone.  I'm supposed to lose 5 pounds in 2 challenges: the Panera Lose It! Challenge and the ShayLoss challenge on DietBet. I accepted a challenge on the Nike+ Running app (from someone on Lose It!): to run 20 miles in 11 days. And I started a program on the Nike Training Club app.  I need to run.  And Shopkick. 

So this time I changed my route. Instead of taking the usual scenic bay-side path, I marked the nearest shopping center as my checkpoint...which meant hitting the industrial roads.  I crossed over railroad tracks and jay-ran after big rigs to arrive at the first stop, Sports Authority, to collect some kicks.  After a quick browse and about a quarter mile through the parking lot, the second stop, Office Depot, had more kicks to claim.  

Oddly enough, the whole round trip was exactly 3 miles from my starting point.  I didn't pre-map this route out.  Maybe the running gods appreciated my multi-tasking abilities?

Let's see what I achieved: dropped some weight, stuck to my program, and picked up some Shopkicks.  But I can't be too thankful for this purposeful run, because it turns out it didn't even sync with my challenge on Nike+ Running.  My count still says 0, yet the run registered with my regular account!  F that, I ran 3.19 miles to be exact! 

Maybe I was trying to do too much.