Friday, July 18, 2014

Girls Night Out: Sexy Summer at bebe

See these shoes?  I got these 4 years ago at a bebe event (for only $25!) and I wore them the other night for bebe's #SexySummer event.  It was kind of special to wear these shoes because they bring back memories of another sexy event.  Back in 2010, I had the pleasure of being a part of one of bebe's first in-store events.  My girl and I "modeled" 3 different looks in a mini fashion show.  It was so fun to play dress up and work with the bebe staff. 

Check out these throwback photos! 

When I saw an opening for hosting an event at bebe in SF, I jumped at the opportunity.  I couldn't wait to work with them again.

Of course, if you're going to be working at bebe, you've got to be dressed up in bebe.  The moment I walked in the store, I saw this dress and I knew it had to be mine.  I didn't get to keep the shoes but they were nice to try on anyways!
Thanks to this babe for helping me out.
Here's the other babe who worked with me throughout the night.  The outfit she picked out was hot too! 

The event was a Girls Night Out for single ladies, complete with hair styling by Brian from Sexy Hair.  Check out his set-up. 
This guy was so busy the entire night!  The ladies really wanted to get their hair done by him.  He worked his magic on me before the event started.  My curls needed some uplifting. 

Look at his crazy hair tool holster!  Bad ass!
The DJ had a perfect backdrop for the event.  He kept the vibes up the whole night and even got me and a few gals to dance when he played the Cupid Shuffle. 
A few of my ladies also showed up for the night.  I think they also enjoyed the event, especially the passed wine and hors d'oeuvres.  The small bites looked amazing. 
And these ladies looked amazing too.  They all had a chance in Brian's chair, and you can't really see it, but on the gal on the right, he took a tiny crimper to her long hair, making it look like feathers.  I want to try that!

My other fashion-loving friend also came out to the event. 
One of the main points of the night was for ladies to get their headshot taken for their online profiles.  I decided to wear my new bebe blazer for my close-up.  
Thanks to the bebe SF Centre crew, Kimmy and her lovely ladies, for a great event!  I will be wearing my new bebe outfits to other events. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Nails Did: Let's Meet by Sinful Colors

Here's another sample from PinchMe.  I felt like being random for my next Sinful Colors nail polish, and I didn't want to get anything similar to the color last month.  I rarely do yellow, even though I collect bananas.  I decided to meet "Let's Meet."

This color is gorgeous and it surprised me to see a shimmer and opalescence in this color.  I've never worn anything like it.  It was a little hard to get used to at first, but now after a few days and a Sinful Colors clear coat, the color is still strong and I really like it.

Sign up for your own PinchMe box and get your own samples delivered to your door....Best part is that it's free!  The next sample box is released tomorrow morning!

Check out what my first PinchMe box was like.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I Run This: Concrete Runners Season 1 Kick-Off

I kicked off the summer season with a kick off for the Season 1 Concrete Runners.  This was a great way to start the summer. 

Last week, early one morning while scrolling through Instagram, I saw a post about joining a running crew, the Concrete Runners.  I filled out an application, got accepted to Season 1, and put the kick-off event on my calendar.  

The run happened to fall on the day of Swap! Not Shop!, our biannual clothing swap, but there was no way I was going to miss this running event.  I've been itching to be a part of something bigger than myself.  Part of why I love running is because it's a great solo sport, but it's not so motivating when there's no one around that also shares that passion.  I like going at my own pace, trying to beat my own records, but that can be so much more fun with other people around.  

Last year on a trip to London, my mates from Food & Lycra took me on a running tour of the city.  We all went at our own pace, stopped at the perfect places for some photo ops, and ended it with a meal, of course.  It was a lot of fun and it inspired me to not only do more runs in the places I travel, but also to use running as a way to make more meaningful connections....not only with the concrete but also the runners who hit the pavement. 

The Concrete Runners kick-off event was at Chrissy Field and they couldn't have picked a more perfect place.  They offered a few different courses that span off of the Golden Gate Bridge.  That is a gorgeous run, and I was inspired to go for the 6 mile run across the entire bridge and back, even though I really only had time for the 2 mile course.  

But for some reason...I was running late....and I forgot to put on deodorant.  Good thing I realized that in the car and not in the middle of my run!  I stopped at a store on the way there....only to show up and realize that they already took off.  Shoot.  They were probably already 1-2 miles ahead of me.  So what did I do?  I took a shortcut through the trails.

Yes, it was a shortcut, but that also meant many stairs!  What a work out!  I made it to the top of the trail right at the entrance to the bridge, and saw a group wearing the Concrete Runners gear.  This was the 3 mile group and they were just heading back.  I wanted to run the bridge so badly, but I also wanted to be part of the crew.  I turned around and ran the rest of the course back with them.  It wasn't quite 2 miles back to the picnic tables, so I had to run a bit more to make it to the mark.  

Even though I didn't make it on the bridge, this photo under the bridge makes it worth it!

The rest of the event was just meeting the folks in the crew...and taking photos.  It's really hard to remember names, especially when we're all used to the Instagram handles in the virtual world.  Everyone was really friendly in real life and it was just great to be around other people who love running!  

The Concrete Runners threw a cool kick-off event.  There were Clif Bars, plenty of water, sunscreen, face wipes, and it was even sponsored by a drink company called Activate.  It's a sports drink that requires you to activate the vitamins in the top of the bottle by twisting it to release it.  It was a cool concept to see that you are in control of releasing the vitamins in the drink. 
It was a great turn out for the first event and I'm looking forward to doing more runs...and showing up on time so I don't miss out on some miles! 
I was also happy to receive a few gifts from the crew, making it even more sweet. Thank you to the Concrete Runners crew for my new tank top, my headband, and dry shampoo.  Super thoughtful!  I look forward to many more miles! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Run This: One Mile at a Time

This post excites me because this one mile is an accomplishment.  It's the first mile I've run with my daughter.  She's 13 and ran plenty of miles in PE at school, but never did I think she would want to get out and run with me.  When my friend asked if we wanted to meet up at the bay trails that were exactly one mile away... I suggested to my girl that we run there.

This partnering actually started earlier this week when we did Zumba in the living room.  I figured if she can run a mile, ranging from 9-something to 11-something minute miles, that this mile to the park would be a piece of cake.

Turns out, she hadn't run a mile in months, and here I thought she was running everyday in PE.  Nonetheless, she ran, and didn't stop.... until the very end at the uphill part of the course.  That extra challenge at the end kicked her butt.  And the mile trail and mile home only added to our agenda.  She might have been tired, and wondering how I could ever run more than one mile on my own will, but I secretly think she liked it.  I loved it, not only because I was running and I like it, but because it's something that WE did together. 

I'm usually a solo runner, and I'd love to have my running buddy be my own daughter.  Let's see how this goes!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Five Four Club for Father's Day

If you're having a hard time choosing what to get Dad for Father's Day, this is the answer for you. Sign him up for a subscription for the Five Four Club, and he'll get a monthly delivery of clothes delivered straight to his door. 

Free Shipping. Easy Exchanges. True Exclusivity.

Five Four Clothing

How does it work?  It's pretty easy to get started for the fellas:

1.  Sign up.
2.  Take a short quiz to tell them about your style.
3.  Five Four Club picks out the best package. 
Member-only access to clothing not found anywhere else on the planet.
4.  Fill your closet for only $60 per month

I wanted to see what this was all about.  The package contained 3 pieces that I could totally imagine in a dapper dad's closet. 

The v-neck Henry tee was lightweight and textured in a heather gray, a great relief for a guy who probably just wears plain cotton or colors. 

 The Scott gingham button down should be a staple in a man's closet, and this one was high quality wear.  This shirt alone makes this shipment worth it.  

The Five Four Venice shorts offer another casual option, and came at the perfect time of the year.  I can imagine this on Venice Beach.

Overall, this delivery was well worth it.  And the best part is if dad doesn't like to shop, why not let the Five Four Club personal stylists do it for him?  If there's something that doesn't fit, they offer easy exchanges. 

Why not sign up dad for a few months?  He'd probably like the surprise of getting another package of exclusive stuff. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Posh Life: Missoni Monday

Today's theme for Poshmark's photo challenge was "Pretty in Prints" and I could have gone with some pretty florals, but instead, here is the iconic chevron Missoni pattern in bold colors. When I saw this at the treasure hunter Liz Baca's warehouse sale, I could not pass up this up.  It makes sense to get the MISSoni from the MISS Crew!

I paired it with a red cardigan for work and seriously everyone in the halls said something about the dress....even people who normally wouldn't say anything! 

After work, I switched from my red flats to these cobalt sandals.  The dress was perfect for this hot summer day, and then into the evening, talking business by the outdoor fire. 

Don't think I'll be getting rid of this dress anytime soon, in case you're wondering if I'll post it on Poshmark!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Posh Life: Why You Should Go to a Live Posh Party

The great thing about Poshmark is that you can join a Posh Party from anywhere.  I've Posh-partied when I was at another party, when I'm on vacation, I even hosted a party when I was on a date!  But for today's Posh Life photo-a-day challenge, the question is "Where do you #PoshParty?" and my favorite place to Posh Party is at a live Posh Party!

There recently was a live party at the Poshmark HQ in the Bay Area, so I called up my girl, who's been with me to plenty of live parties, including helping me host a party at the old HQ a few years back on my 30th birthday.  She had no hesitation, because we both know there's no party like a Poshmark party. 

 We wore the wedges for the red carpet!  Going to a live Posh Party gives you a reason to dress up and wear those shoes you've always wanted to flaunt. 

At the check in table, I picked up a few drink tickets (with the cutest Posh quotes on them), some stickers and pins, and a ballot to vote for my favorite look. 

First stop was to the bar area.  There are two areas set up at the HQ now.  I tried both of the Posh drinks that night: the Tiki-Rita (pineapple juice, tequila, sweet and sour, and lime) and the Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy (lemonade and vodka).  I also enjoyed some deviled eggs, fruit and cheese, and some delicious chocolate and cheesecake treats.  Those were devoured before I could even take a photo! 

There were 4 looks set up put together by some Posh ladies, and it was so hard to vote for one!  I cast my ballot for the look on the right, by Emily aka @sparklemeetspop, since I was wearing a similar look with a neon bottom. 

I also made sure my friend hit up the activation station, since she didn't even have Poshmark yet!  She's been around with me since the beginning, but she never got a chance to join when they introduced the app for Androids.  The ladies at the station got her all set up.  If you ever attend a live party, make sure to bring some ladies who do not yet have Poshmark....they'll definitely want to join!

I like to think that Poshmark helped perfect the mirror OOTD photos.  It wouldn't be right if I didn't take at least one mirror selfie in the Posh Studio. 

Going to Poshmark Parties also gives you a chance to really show your Posh Love and wear some of your Posh Finds. I've grown my Tiffany & Co. collection since Poshmark (and at amazing deals), so I decided to wear a few pieces for the night. 

Be prepared if you are going to a live Posh Party.  Expect to take hundreds of photo with the multiple backgrounds and crazy props.  Wear an outfit that makes you feel good!  The theme of the party was "Style Obsession" and my obsession is hard to pin down, so I decided to rock a few: neon, lace, Tiffany, and peeptoes! 

There even was a photo printer to print out a fun keepsake for you.  Although we are in a digital world, it feels good to have physical photos once in a while!  I really made sure to utilize the props in the studio and pulled up a stool to pose for these photos.  Felt like I was 16 again! 

Posh Parties also means there will be other Poshmark lovers there, including those behind the scenes.  The Poshmark crew is the friendliest (and most fashionable), and if you ever happen to see them in the flesh, don't hesitate to say hi and take a photo.

With Poshmark CEO and founder Manish Chandra. 

Don't forget, since it is a live Posh Party happening at the same time as a virtual Posh Party, you would expect to see people on their devices partying in the app.  After all, it wouldn't be a Posh Party without the app!  I had to take a few moments to share some items in my closet to the party theme.  Looks like we got caught in this photo by the Poshmark camera crew.  We're not being rude....that's just how we party!

 Another thing I try to do when I go to a Posh Party is wear something I want to wear something one more time before I put it on Poshmark.  Take it on its last stroll...and then list it.  So that's exactly what I did with these Christian Louboutin peeptoe wedges.  I enjoyed my night partying in these one last time, but now, I'm ready to let go and let another Posh lady enjoy these babies.  That's what Poshmark is all about right?

If you see a Posh Party coming to your city, RSVP and make it happen.  If nothing is happening in your area, there is even a PoshFest coming up in November in San Francisco.  I might just see you there, since I missed the first PoshFest in Las Vegas.